Men's fashion watches for the winter season 2018/2019

The latest winter fashion shows already indicate which styles are the most important for this winter season 2018-2019.

What colors are the protagonists of this season?

All the shows indicate that in this season the cold and dark tones will predominate. These colors will be accompanied by shades of gray, white and gold. On the other hand, referring to the predominant tones for the strap we can also find that the brown will be a color chosen by many.

From Reloshop we have chosen the following watches with elegant designs and with a combination of dark and cold tones with warmer ones.

These are some of the designs you can find in our collections of man and luxury:

TIBE It is an example of elegance and modern design. The 42.5 mm black brass dial infuses personality and confidence. The dark tones of the dial are counteracted by the bright red color of the seconds hand. The piece is finished with a black stainless steel strap that is perfect for any type of style or event; both formal and informal.

EBRO It is a 43mm quartz watch. Its leather strap confers a casual style and perfectly combines with casual items such as jeans or a T-shirt. Its silver brass dial and silver and red seconds hand make it an essential accessory for any occasion.

DANUBIO It combines a classic design and a unique style in a single watch. The 42 mm polished black brass dial combines the dark color with gold apices together with the red detail of the second hand. The piece is finished with a black alloy strap that makes the piece suitable for any occasion.

YATA It maintains the traditional design together with a novel sphere. The dial is polished brass 47 mm and decorated with a golden skull. The clasp is a folding clasp with lock and the strap is made of black stainless steel. A perfect modern watch to show off with your friends.
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